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/* English (Brion Vibber) */
'en' => array(
'hiderevision' => 'Permanently hide revisions',
// Empty form
'hiderevision-prompt' => 'Revision number to remove:',
'hiderevision-continue' => 'Continue',
// Confirmation form
'hiderevision-text' =>
"This should '''only''' be used for the following cases:
* Inappropriate personal information
*: ''home addresses and telephone numbers, social security numbers, etc''

'''Abuse of this system will result in loss of privileges.'''

Removed items will not be visible to anyone through the web site,
but the deletions are logged and can be restored manually by a
database administrator if you make a mistake.",
'hiderevision-reason' => 'Reason (will be logged privately):',
'hiderevision-submit' => 'Hide this data permanently',
// Tab displayed to allowed users on old revision display
'hiderevision-tab' => 'Hide revision',
// Status & errors on action
'hiderevision-norevisions' => 'No revisions specified to delete.',
'hiderevision-noreason' => 'You must decribe the reason for this removal.',
'hiderevision-status' => 'Revision $1: $2',
'hiderevision-success' => 'Archived and deleted successfully.',
'hiderevision-error-missing' => 'Not found in database.',
'hiderevision-error-current' => 'Cannot delete the latest edit to a page. Revert this change first.',
'hiderevision-error-delete' => 'Could not archive; was it previously deleted?',
'hiderevision-archive-status' => 'Deleted revision from $1: $2',
'oversight-nodiff' => 'Unable to track changes as there is currently no previous revision for the page. Either:
*The page was deleted
*This hidden revision was the first revision',
// Logging
'oversight-log-hiderev' => 'removed an edit from $1',
// Oversight review page
'oversight' => 'Oversight',
'oversight-view' => 'details',
'oversight-difference' => '(Difference from previous remaining revision)',
'oversight-prev' => 'Last previous revision',
'oversight-hidden' => 'Hidden revision',
'oversight-header' => 'Below is a list of revisions recently permanently hidden from public view.
Releasing this information can result in permanent loss of Oversight privileges.',