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ang-N Þes brūcend cann Ænglisc inlendisclīce.
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Ic eom Hogweard and min gereord is Englisc, ðæt is begen minra ealfædra Englisc ðærin ic write and todæges 'English'.

No one is fluent in Old English. The task of providing technical computing terms in a language which died in functional terms in an age long before the invention even of Babbage's mechanical computer, let alone the intricacies of today's computerised world, is of a complexity which is not lost on me. The idea is not to provide words and phrases which are simply twentieth century English forced through a Saxon sieve, but to write as my forefathers spoke. Old English is far more sophisticated than is often thought: it was the tongue of people no less brilliant than their descendants.
My favourite example of bad translation is some genuine Army Urdu (perhaps meant tongue in cheek):
'Tum lakri lakri tum?'
Literally 'You (thou) wood wood you?'.