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This template is used to keep track of open support requests, usually filed at Support and later moved to the talk of the affected project if still needed. It's added to the summary of the thread like this:


  • status can either be:
    • closed for solved problems or problems sent to a proper tracking system (for instance bugzilla:),
    • open for problems whose solution has been detected and waits implementation, for instance documentation by the author of the code,
    • unconfirmed (default) for unsolved issues which need to be investigated and "assigned".
  • project is one of the supported projects (defaults to MediaWiki), in exact case for now or twn for, used together with the status to categorize the thread automatically, for instance Category:Support requests for MediaWiki for the "unconfirmed" requests. Should be or twn for issues specific to this website or to be handled by the staff even if related to a single project (like optional messages).
  • dev is an optional field for the name (preferably username or commit name) of the developer responsible of solving the issue so that he can find it and be poked about it easily, currently used only to sort the threads in the category; the template will also try to link their "profile" where possible.

This information is currently used on Support/Open requests, Category:Support requests and devs' user pages via {{Support requests}}.