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fr-N Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
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ProjectThreadDeveloperStatusModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
MantisBTSupport/'mantis' to uppercaseLbayleopen4 April 2017 10:44:50
MantisBTTranslating talk:MantisBT/About Mantis:Codev-e2415c-WLbayleopen20 February 2017 11:52:47
MantisBTTranslating talk:MantisBT/About Mantis:Codev-5440db-These are sample sideTasks, yo/enLbayleopen20 February 2017 11:03:31
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-79c3c3-Are you sure you want to chang/en + Mantis:Codev-1ff490-settings ?/enLbayleopen13 March 2016 05:54:47
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-bbd997-Derive par rapport a l estimat/enLbayleopen27 February 2016 04:14:16
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-d9a6c3-rate =3D 1 : estimation was perf/enLbayleopen27 February 2016 04:14:02
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-e2415c-W/enLbayleopen27 February 2016 04:13:54
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-17d117-Select the projects to be mana/enLbayleopen25 February 2016 09:27:20
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-09e78a-Nb Days/enLbayleopen25 February 2016 09:27:12
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-01a169-please consider using a standa/en (2)Lbayleopen25 February 2016 09:26:58
MantisBTSupport/About Mantis:Codev-01a169-please consider using a standa/enLbayleopen25 February 2016 09:26:34