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Hello everybody!

I am a wikimedian, and my name is Leo. I have an unified account, so if you see the name "leo Johannes" anywhere in any WIkimedia project connected to SUL, it is me. In Swedish Wikipedia and Swedish Wikinews, I am an administrator. I came here to translate from English to Swedish (especially fixing a little bit in the SUL messages). If you wonder something, please contact me on my talk page!

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04, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

I have now been away from this wiki a long time (or, rather, I only come here when I want to translate a new - untranslated - message we have discovered at Swedish Wikipedia. So don't be afraid, I haven't left the wikis :-). I note that while there was no - or only very few - translations of the meta pages when I started to translate them to Swedish, now there are many.