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I’m operating at Mozilla as local community ninja, l10n developer and evangelist.
I’m also an official spokesperson for Mozilla in Poland.

I’m a member of undertaking – the official Mozilla localization workforce in Poland. I was localizing first Firefox and Thunderbird releases. As a member of I was operating also on Bugzilla and NVU localization, I’m heading Developer Mozilla Center PL right now, and I’m doing the job on polish SuSe localization for Novell Polska.

I’m a Mozilla developer and member of Mozilla Europe Board Of Directors, and Mozilla Localization Project.

Functioning about Mozilla, Firefox, Bugzilla, MozillaPL,, Mozilla Europe
Systems: Java, PHP, XML, XHTML, CSS, Do++ and so forth.
There is nothing to write about myself really.
Nice to be here and a member of this site.
I just hope I am useful at all

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