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fy-1 It Frysk fan dizze meidogger is minimaal.
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Where I work the most varies. Currently fy wikibooks. (No link to deter the most casual of the lookyloos. ;-P ) I'm working on Frysk, because people are so hard up for translators in that language. Everyone kept nagging. (Can anyone out there deny Spacebirdy anything she asks for? She's so very sweet.) I really don't speak the language, though. A minimal knowledge of German, and some Dutch, is my only relevant tool, and I'm told that my Frysk, though generally quite understandable, sometimes resembles the output of an online translation tool rendering English into the fictitious language Frútsk (etym. Frysk + Dútsk [German]), particularly WRT word order.

Where some local admins have overridden the English, I compare and port the one I arbitrarily decide is best. Where they haven't bothered, I take my best shot (for short ones, sometimes that's simply using the Dutch message and an fy spell checker) and watch to see which few the locals suddenly enter overrides for. Then I know which of my efforts are painful to the natives' virtual ears, and I port their overrides. ;-) So please be patient, and try not to flame any more than necessary. If anyone competent wants to take over, I'll gladly yield and quit making a muck of things! I'm also weak on tech. As a (currently not practising) licensed attorney and a fetish model, this gal's about as far from a programmer as one can get. So when I ask a really stupid question, that's why.