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en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
jv-N Naraguna iki panutur ibu basa Jawa.
id-N Pengguna ini merupakan penutur asli bahasa Indonesia.
lt-1 Šis naudotojas gali rašyti ir skaityti pradinio lygio lietuvių kalba.
lv-1 Šis lietotājs latviešu valodu prot pamatlīmenī.
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Hello! My full name is Dyah Ayu Megantari Soesetyo Putri! My nickname is Tata and I was born on April 23rd, 1998 in my hometown (Malang, East Java, Indonesia). I like translating and I love languages, I like English words plus competing at spelling bees. My favorite languages are English, Indonesian, Javanese, these three new favorites Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, I also like Spanish, Croatian, Danish, and some "weirds" like Russian, Serbian. (no matter with the Cyrillic :D ). I learn Mandarin Chinese at school and I like to identify language of origin of a word. Now, I still have chart of favorite words, that changes everyday, every week, or every year, like a Music Chart! :p

By the way, I like sports and I like competing. Now, I'm competing in about 3 online song contests and for the peak position, I placed 5th in another online song contest (unexpectedly). I began editing Wikipedia actively since the middle of 2010. I'm interesting in linguistic things after the spelling bee. I compete 5 times in my country's regional spelling bee, just got third place at 2009 and it was my best year ever. I'm preparing my last participation at a spelling bee, as now I've been actively learning language of origins. I like some Greek and Latin roots, it's really helpful for me to know some words! Even I like guessing the translations of some words ... again, because I like languages!

It's all for now .... don't forget me and ... see you later!