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Wilmar da Rocha D'Angelis (quotation form: D'Angelis, W.R.) is a Brazilian linguist working at Campinas State University (UNICAMP). He has experience with indigenous population for about thirty years (since 1977), and studies some indigenous languages for more than fifteen years. He had produced a lot of papers, articles, and others academic works about the Kaingang language especially (a indigenous languages talking in the Southern of Brazil, which belongs to Ge family language). D'Angelis develops a large effort in favor of minorities languages, in particular by forming Indian writers, and had produced many refletions and proposals about this: cf. Línguas indígenas precisam de escritores? Como formá-los? (2005) and Como nasce e por onde se desenvolve uma tradição escrita em sociedades de tradição oral? (2007) - which can be translated, respectivelly, by: Indigenous languages need writers? How to form them? - and - How borns, and by what ways develop a written tradition in a society of oral tradition?. As professor, D'Angelis teaches on one of the most importants programs of graduate in Linguistics in Brazil for ten years. His action with Kaingang people includes a site located in [1].

For more information, especially about bibliographic production, see [2] --Wilmardeangelis 09:56, 5 December 2008 (UTC)