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What to translate118:12, 4 January 2010

What to translate

Hey. Best wishes for 2010. I see you have recently started working on StatusNet. Good job. Checking the translated status for 'ext' I noticed that the MediaWiki core translation has not been completed yet (77%). I was wondering if maybe it is a good idea to finish the translations of one product completely before working on a next product? Just an idea; you are of course free to translate whatever you like, and every translation is one more than before. However, I think that for future maintenance and for your language, it would be better to translate whole products completely.

Even better would of course be having multiple translators for Extremaduran so that you do not have to do things alone. You could maybe approach some other editors at ext.wp and ask them to help you here.

Anyway, please have fun and keep coming back! :)

Siebrand12:03, 4 January 2010

Hi! Happy new year! You're right, it would be better if i finish traslating MediaWiki core messages first, although sometimes is fun working on new proyects (like StatusNet) ^^. However, i have never had the idea of stop translating mediawiki. On the other hand, i'm trying to "catch" an editor of ext.wp, hope i'll get some help soon :D

See you!

Tiu Chelu18:12, 4 January 2010