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Merci !

Merci pour UserMerge :-)))--Bertrand GRONDIN 14:49, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

apostrophe « typographique »

Salut, j'ai quelques réserves sur l'apostrophe dite typographique. Je te passe une discussion qu'il y a eue récemment sur le bistro : [1]. Meithal 16:15, 14 March 2008 (UTC)


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MediaWiki:Visualeditor-ca-editsource-section - "source" / "wikicode"023:09, 23 October 2013

MediaWiki:Visualeditor-ca-editsource-section - "source" / "wikicode"

Hello, and apologies that my French isn't up to this conversation. I'm curious about the history of MediaWiki:Visualeditor-ca-editsource-section/fr, which was "modifier la source" before it became "modifier le wikicode". I see you made the change and described it as "après discussion, pour éviter l’ambigüité avec les références", but I can't find the discussion. Can you point me to the discussion, or explain what the considerations were?

If I understand your edit message correctly, the point is to avoid the ambiguity that "la source" could mean "sources" as in "references" or "citations". Though I don't know French well, it seems like the same problem could apply to "Voir la source", the translation of MediaWiki:Vector-view-viewsource/fr. In fact, from my perspective this ambiguity seems all the stronger when it comes to viewing rather than modifying the "source", as it's common to want to look at the references of an article. Do you agree?

Another reason that a change to "Voir le wikicode" could be good is to make these two messages use the same word for the same thing, namely the wikitext of the article. Generally in user interfaces it's best to use the same word for the same thing, wherever in the interface it appears, because otherwise the user may think that different things are meant. The Spanish translations have a similar split between "editar fuente" and "editar código", and I found that confusing when I ran across it as a user.

Do you think that in French the message MediaWiki:Vector-view-viewsource/fr would be acceptable as "Voir le wikicode", to match this message? If not, why not? (If the answer is no, the reasons may be informative for Spanish as well.)

Thanks! Cordialement,

Gnp (talk)23:09, 23 October 2013