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You can make a screenshot of this list in your operating system version/browser version combination and upload it to Wikimedia Commons, if it is not already listed here (please use the proper naming convention!). After that, please add it to this page in the correct location.

Currently supported in WebFonts:

  1. ml: കുറൊവ്
  2. or: କୁରୁୱ୍
  3. ta: குரோவ்
  4. te: కురోవ్
  5. bn: কুরভ
  6. as: কুৰৌ
  7. bpy: উইকিপিডিয়া
  8. gu: કુરોવ
  9. hi: कुरुफ़
  10. mr: कुरुफ
  11. ks: कुरुफ
  12. sa: कुरुफ
  13. he: קוּרוּב
  14. kn: ಕುರೊವ್
  15. my: ဝီကီပီးဒီးယား
  16. km: វិគីភីឌា
  17. saz: ꢓꢾꢥꢶꢥ꣄
  18. am: ኩሩቭ
  19. ti: ኩሩቭ
  20. fa: کوروف
  21. cdo: Kó-lū-hŭ