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scope118:58, 25 December 2022

does this include incubated projects?

Álo (talk)15:45, 25 December 2022

No, Wikimedia incubators may appear at any time, have in fact low support, may not work as intended and may be dropped, they don't have any well-defined support. Incubtors are testbeds only for limtied demonstrations of feasibility, they are not intended to contain and develop extensive contents.

If there's no supported project, such content may be placed on other supported wikis (e.g. inside some local subprojects on Wikisource or Wiktionary edition supported on another language; as well you can still use and supprot those languages in Wikidata, for translated labels and descriptions of data items, or for lexical data of lexemes; on Wikimedia Commons, as well you may develop local descriptions for media files in many more langauges than those supported by a Wikipedia edition; translations may also be added into existing Wikitionaries). All these are interesting transitional stepts that may help later the creation of a dedicated wiki, eevn if there was no good incubator. But other discussions are also needed (notably about developing and implementing local policies, a core team of local admins, and cooperations with other wikis, plus later discussions of what content needs to be transfered from the Incubator to the new wiki, before that incubator gets frozen or closed).

Portals may indicate the presence of an incubator which may help transitionally to test a translated interface and detect and fix some issues (e.g. developping an input method, or script converters or allowing a few developers and editors to get some agreement abuot how they'll support the language for a longer term, with more people involved, if they can attract them). Incubators are for tests only and are more complex to use and edit than regular wikis; incubators are also made for people that are themselves good translators and already know and use one or several other major supported languages; they have to develop the incubator to make sure that a new wiki can safely be created and used by a larger community which will not be necessarily as tech-savy, may not be good translators and will need to be more assisted for their input in the user interface, and don't want to be trained again and again if somethnig changes radically, like what constantly happens in Incubator).

An Incubator Wikpedia may also be created without the intent to develop any standalone Wikipedia. Translating the UI and testing it is an important goal as well before deploying that UI on all other wikis (notably into Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikispecies, Meta-Wiki, and some "Embassy" community projects inside another Wikipedia). It won't help much if this is for supporting non-MediaWiki projects (e.g. FreeCol), except for allowing a limited testbed the the UI inside itself (mostly for "core" messages only).

Verdy p (talk)18:33, 25 December 2022