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FreeCol (homepage) is an open source turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization, and similar to Civilization (released under the GPL).

It is possible to translate FreeCol on User Nike coordinates the localization of Freecol. This job was previously done by Burschik. There is a mailing list for FreeCol translators. This mailing list is used for questions, discussions and updates on release schedules.

Translation notes

FreeCol supports plural since 2011-04-10. The plural markup is similar to CLDR markup used by ruby projects. Plurals are defined as {{plural:number|key1=form1|key2=form2}}. Key# refers to CLDR plural class keywords: zero, one, two, few, many, other. Translate extension has an extracted per language mappings of these keywords. In addition to those, it is possible to use keyword default. This form will be used when no number is given, usually when the expression is used as stand alone. Some times the text is abstracted even more, like in (3), which can substitute other messages like (2).

1. Under repair (%turns% {{plural:%turns%|one=turn|other=turns}} left)
2. {{plural:%amount%|one=Tool|other=Tools|default=Tools}}
3. %amount% {{plural:%amount%|%goods%}} (boycotted)

Similar syntax can be used to provide alternate forms of words other than plural forms.

4. {{tag:|country=Denmark|people=Danish|default=Danish}}
5. You have conquered {{tag:country|%nation%}}.
6. {{tag:people|%nation%}} declared war with you.

How to test translations

If you are running Linux, and can already run FreeCol, you can follow these steps. Replace XXX (twice) with your language code.

# Get the development version, as translations are made against that
git clone git:// freecol-git

# Place where translations are stored
cd freecol-git/data/strings

# Download the translations for your language
# Or you can use the export tab in Special:Translate to download it manually
wget "" -O

# Run FreeCol
cd ../../
ant run

# Select language from preferences, restart FreeCol to make sure it applies everywhere

Cf. [1]


  • trunk (Languages with translation percentage above 35% are committed to version control)
  • 0.7.4


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