MediaWiki deployment

Jump to navigation Jump to search uses oregano to deploy MediaWiki. Oregano is simple deployment tool. Oregano is documented in a blog post.

There is a script called twn-update-all that updates MediaWiki core, extensions and composer dependencies and updates the localisation cache. It does not run schema changes (update.php). We run the master branch of MediaWiki and extensions. For this reason the deployer should be aware of latest MediaWiki changes and whether they require configuration or schema changes. The script automatically uses sudo -u betawiki and will fail if you don't have access.

The oregano commands must be run with sudo -u betawiki. oregano itself is in path and it must be run in the /srv/mediawiki directory. It is recommended to add alias b for the sudo command. After deploying a new version, please monitor messages from Rakkaus in #mediawiki-i18n and be ready to rollback in case of issues. If you notice new PHP notices or warnings, those should be investigated and reported to Phabricator where applicable. You can also inspect the log file in /www/ directly.