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The documentation of this template is included from its /doc subpage. [Edit]
This template can only be used in a category page; it shows a navigation box for faster navigation in pages listing its members.
If the category has less than 500 members (current maximum), no navigation box is displayed because the whole list of members would be shown on the same page.
  • |non-Latn= with a non-empty value: allows adding some additional index keys for common non-Latin scripts (e.g. for categories of user names); an example is visible in the preview of the template above this documentation. Index keys in the rendered box are ordered by script, and scripts are in the same order as lists of members shown when navigating pages of categories (space, punctuations, symbols and digits are listed before all other alphabetic keys, currently starting with Latin letters, followed by letters of other European alphabets, Semitic abjads, Indic abugidas, Hangul alphabet and Japanese syllabaries, and ending with Han ideograms).
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