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This category list all languages by their code used in this wiki.

Most of these codes are conforming to the BCP 47 recommendation as published by the IETF, i.e. they should be 2-letter codes from the ISO 639-1 standard (if available), otherwise 3-letter codes from ISO 639-2/T or ISO 639-3 standards, possibly followed (after an hyphen - separator) by a supported script code from the ISO 15924 standard, or by a legacy subtag for a language variant, or by the 2-letter code of a country from the ISO 3166-1 standard, or by the 3-digit code of a multinational region from the UN statistics M.49 standard: all these usable locale codes should be registered in the IANA subtag registry (and preferably not those that are indicated as being deprecated or replaced), however some of them are legacy locale codes used only in public wikis of Wikimedia based on MediaWiki.

  • The language codes are listed below and in the subcategories by the portal pages on this used to support the associated languages (and their variants).
  • The languages listed specifically in this category are all supported (not disabled) and have support from active translators registered on their portal page.
  • For disabled languages (whose translation on this wiki is not allowed), or languages not supported by active translators see the subcategories.

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