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[{{FULLURL:MediaWiki:{{{1}}}/en|action=edit}} {{{1}}}]

The documentation of this template is included from its /doc subpage. [Edit]
This template is deprecated for use in Template:Identical or Template:Related.
Use the project-specific templates instead, e.g. {{Msg-mw}} for MediaWiki and its extensions.
Note that the "Mediawiki:" namespace is used by multiple projects for extensions actually not managed or supported directly by Wikimedia for inclusion in core Mediawiki: all their messages should use an wellknown prefix to avoid polluting Mediawiki (facilitating its maintenance and also avoiding collisions). In order to help separating messages for these extensions, they should use their own "Msg-prefix" template and should also have their own project page (ideally they may be moved later in their own namespace, possibly after trimming their prefix).
They should all be named with the "Msg-" prefix, but redirected aliases may be using capital letters after the or alternate abbreviations; they should not use any spaces, underscore/dashes/hyphens or diacritics, only lowercase Latin letters and digits from ASCII).
Only a few projects preferably use abbreviations, such as "bw", "eol", "fud", "mw", "smw"; all others should be unabbreviated, and should match their namespace name if they have one, and the name of their portal.
However their associated portal page name (and category) may use capitals, spaces, hyphens or diacritics for their preferred visual name.
They should also also have user templates for their "babelboxes". Their associated category, portal, and user babelbox will also indicate if they are actively supported, or no longer supported (and archived: translating messages for these formerly supported projects is no longer necessary as they won't be exported, except that they may still be fixed to help the translation memory and searches that will help translating other supported projects that are using similar messages or similar terminologies).
In some cases, projects have been renamed (e.g. "pywikimedia" to "pywikibot", or "toolserver" to "intuition") but templates are also kept as redirects to avoid having to reedit many pages (including archived support pages or talk pages that are referencing messages with these templates).
The full list of available templates is below (those shown in italic are redirected aliases); all these templates should also be listed with their associated "/doc" subpage.
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