for Zazaki for Zazaki

Please remove his translation access for Zazaki. This user is as globally blocked under the real name Erdemaslancan, because of cross wiki abuse. He always uses sock puppets (like 1917 Ekim Devrimi, Kumkumuk, Marmase, Velg, Gorizon and several others) to gain access.

He admits here himself that he can create as much accounts as he wants:

"‎Marmase: (engel çözüm değil. Bu hesaptan katkı yaptığım an başka bir hesaptan yeni kayıt yapmışım demektir. Türkiyede ip'ler statiktir, her dakika değişir.)": In English: "Blockage is no solution. When I make contributions from that account that means that I've contrabuted (been active) from another account. In Turkey the IPs are static, every minute they are changing".

And Nemo, please remove our blockages that we can be able to make right translations for our Wiki project!

Asmen (talk)13:34, 13 January 2017

Yes, this account is a sock puppet of 1917 Ekim Devrimi, Kumkumuk, Marmase, Velg, Gorizon. And all these accounts are belonging to Erdemaslancan. I support Asmen.

Gırd (talk)13:40, 13 January 2017