A bit incorrect translation I cannot edit

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A bit incorrect translation I cannot edit

Hi there, I’m working on improving translations in Russian. So I changed an incorrect pattern for all terms, for one from MediaWiki core I cannot do it, my action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. So the translation of “Main Page” now is “Заглавная страница”, but “Заглавная” means “contains the title”. The translation should be “Главная страница“, it means “Main page”. Could you fix it or allow me to do it? Thanks!

Pacha Tchernof (talk)08:53, 8 April 2020

Hello Pacha Tchernof, sadly I see no chance to change this translation. As this message is not only a translation but also the defintion of the name of main page for all MediaWiki wikis with Russian as content language. Thousands and more wikis would break. Translations into Russian are ery old. The exisiting translation is 14 years old.

Raymond15:31, 8 April 2020

Thanks for your reply, Raymond. What do you think, if I’ll change it, and if it’ll break something, would changing to previous translation fix the problem? What do you think?

Pacha Tchernof (talk)15:36, 8 April 2020

Your suggested change would affect all wikis in Russian language all over the world, not only Wikipedia & sister projects. So I guess nobody could catch all broken wikis in Russian language and suggest/apply a fix.

Raymond18:06, 8 April 2020

Please do not change any more existing legacy translations from MediaWiki core without a discussion. That ends up hurting the wikis you are, supposedly, trying to help, when their messages suddenly become unsynchronised in their wording. (First and foremost, this is something that affects Wikimedia projects, since they get translations a lot earlier than other MediaWiki sites.)

stjn[ru]23:56, 10 April 2020