About [[MediaWiki:Admanager noadsset/en]]

What gets set? A page or a user that opt-out?

555 (talk)17:29, 20 December 2012

It looks like this extensions hasn't had any code maintenance in the past 7 months. I doubt anyone will look into this. But we have Nemo_bis, I'm sure he'll try to chase a developer.

Siebrand22:03, 21 December 2012

From what I see from grepping, this message doesn't seem to be used.

iAlex20:56, 23 December 2012

I reopened the issue, as it appears no code changes were made to actually remove the message key from the i18n file. As a consequence, the message is still open for translation, so the issue is not resolved at all.

Siebrand23:31, 23 December 2012

In this case I cannot help.

iAlex07:25, 24 December 2012

Unable to create a patch set that removes the message from AdManager.i18n.php in the AdManager repo? Oh, Alexandre... mw:Git/Workflow? :).

Siebrand08:00, 24 December 2012