Clone minoredit to enotif_minoredit

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Clone minoredit to enotif_minoredit

Is it possible to clone minoredit to enotif_minoredit, preserving the existing translations?

This is because English Wikipedia overrides minoredit to have a wikitext link, but that is not allowed in email. So, I'm splitting them.

The old translations in the core JSON files should all be suitable for the new use.

Mattflaschen (talk)00:26, 28 July 2017

Usually here we take care of renames (page moves), not so much of copying. It's fine if you want to add/copy/split the translations directly to the JSON files (we'd lose attribution but there's some "creativity" in your selecting which translations to pick).

Otherwise I guess I could export the existing traslations and re-import them under the new title. Let me know if you want me to proceed.

By the way, it feels a bit backwards to duplicate translations for this string just for sake of configuration on a single wiki. Usually configuration options are provided with optional or ignored messages (for instance you could have created a separate editpage_minoredit message, called in the case you described when defined locally). Reducing message reuse is generally considered good, but mostly when dictated by linguistic reasons (of course, it might be that in some language the correct phrasing for email and web input label differs).

Nemo (talk)07:57, 28 July 2017

I don't actually know how many wikis are affected by this issue, just that enwiki is. I'm not doing this to enable a new enwiki customization, but to un-break email (which was just enabled for minor edits); it was already customized.

If I understand you correctly, the alternate suggestion is:

  1. Define an 'editpage_minoredit' message, which is disabled by default (e.g. defaulting to '-').
  2. On the edit page, if 'editpage_minoredit' is defined, use it. Otherwise, use 'minoredit'.
  3. Always use 'minoredit' for emails.

I think that would work, except if someone used qqx on the edit page, it would show 'minoredit'. So unless they consult qqq or the source code, they'll never know 'editpage_minoredit' exists, and will likely still override 'minoredit' (breaking email).

So exporting and re-importing would be helpful. Thanks.

Mattflaschen (talk)21:29, 2 August 2017