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GRAMMAR for Rusyn

Hello! Would it be possible to create GRAMMAR files for Rusyn (rue) please? So far I've only seen it with project names. Wikipedia is the only project in Rusyn (except for translatewiki and Wiktionary in Incubator) - please let me know if it would be preferable to just use the word for Wikipedia instead of SITENAME then. Here is the declension for Wikipedia:

default nominative form: Вікіпедія

genitive: Вікіпедії

dative: Вікіпедії

accusative: Вікіпедію

instrumental: Вікіпедіёв

locative: Вікіпедії

Thank you!

Tkalyn (talk)10:54, 18 September 2020

Is that grammar enough documented (e.g. in Rusyn Wiktionnary or a relevant article that can be reviewed? or some reliable sources?) Declensions are frequently complex and have many exceptions, it's not easy to formalize it it a simple automated function without lot of data and it's not always just a word list because there are also usages, and complex mutations depending on the context and not a single isolated word). That's the same for the complex rules related to transliterations and conflicting orthographic conventions even in the same script (see for example Belarusian). That wiki is not the place where this can be developed: Phabricator would be a more appropriate place to track the project and the plan the efforts needed or evaluate the first proposed solutions (which will almost allways be partial and not working to cover all cases). Human languages are complex, they have a complex history and borrow lot of exceptions from other related languages and social interactions that evolved over the history of peoples and their migrations or invasions (aggressive or progressive). When a language becomes used only as a minority (this is the case of Rusyn) there are no longer strong rules, many forms that would have seemed first as being incorrect become standard, and people forget their historic language or develop new variants which may become divergent with lack of mutual understanding or that cause conflicts of interests.

Verdy p (talk)19:36, 18 September 2020

Hello, there are normative Rusyn grammars that we use in the project, that contain declension information. In this specific case, the word for "Wikipedia" can only have the forms listed. Any other words would also have a limited number of forms. I don't know if there are even any other words that would be needed since I've only encountered grammar being used with SITENAME.

Tkalyn (talk)01:15, 22 September 2020