Request: Enable Malay (Arabic) language translations

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Request: Enable Malay (Arabic) language translations

Please enable translation to the Malay (Arabic) language (the Arabic script variant of Malay language, which is also known as Jawi alphabet) because I want to start translating in the language with that particular script.

The Arabic script variant is still in use in Brunei (where it is co-official with Latin script), Malaysia (where all Islamic education textbooks for primary and secondary public schools are exclusively taught in Malay with Arabic script instead of the Latin script, and where certain states make it mandatory to put roadname signs in both scripts), Indonesia (in Malay-majority areas such as Riau and Jambi) and southern Thailand (in Malay-majority areas, such as Pattani).

Basic information:

  • ISO code: ms-Arab (using BCP 47 format of langcode-Scriptcode)
  • Language name: Malay
  • Language self-name: بهاس ملايو
  • Script: Arabic
  • Direction: RTL
  • Fallback to: Malay (ms)

Additional information:

  1. Jawi alphabet on Wikipedia
  2. ms_Arab is written in CLDR Supplemental Data XML
  3. Malay (zlm) on Ethnologue, "Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab]" is mentioned
  4. Malay, Standard (zsm) on Ethnologue, "Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab]" is mentioned
  5. Malay (macrolanguage) written with Arabic script, Naskh variant is on ScriptSource under three codes, ms-Arab-MY, ms-Arab-CC, ms-Arab-ID
  6. Malay (individual language) written with Arabic script, Naskh variant is on ScriptSource under code, zlm-Arab-MY
  7. Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Malay (Arabic) on Unicode UDHR

I'm also requesting in advance, the right to translate in this script variant after it's added. Malay (Arabic) is the exact same language as Malay, just in different scripts. Hence, I'll be converting (manually) from existing Malay translations into Malay (Arabic) instead of doing another English -> Malay (Arabic) translations. If a translation is not in Malay yet, I'll translate them into Malay before converting them to Malay (Arabic).

-- MNH48 (talk)20:28, 28 August 2018

Seems like a reasonable request, so I've created a pull request on GitHub to have this added to language-data, which is the first of four steps to have it added here. I'll keep you updated. :-)

Jon Harald Søby (talk)00:07, 10 September 2018

Thank you. I'll keep waiting for it. :)

--MNH48 (talk) 15:42, 29 October 2018 (UTC)

MNH48 (talk)15:42, 29 October 2018