Request expansion of introduction to special page LanguageStats

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Request expansion of introduction to special page LanguageStats

I propose we amend the introduction on Special:LanguageStats as follows:

“This page generates up-to-date translation statistics for all message groups (in all projects) for any chosen language.

The information shown is:

  • Group – MediaWiki is split into two main groups, for ‘core’ messages and ‘extensions’, followed by the message groups included in the main message groups. Some other projects have a main project group listed, followed by all the message groups included in that project, but usually the message groups of smaller projects are listed separately. Clicking on a group title will take you to the translation tool set up for untranslated messages in that group and language.
  • Messages – the total number of messages in the group
  • Untranslated – this is the number of messages which have either not been translated or are marked !!FUZZY!!.
  • Completion – this is the percentage of messages which have been translated.
  • Outdated – shows the percentage of messages marked !!FUZZY!!. The percentage appears against the main group of which the message group containing an outdated message is a part. The percentage figure does not always appear against the message group itself.

If you want to find a language code for a particular language please look on the list of supported languages.”

End of draft

Is all the above information correct?

I remember that there was a time when there was a delay between translating a message and the update of the statistics on this page. Is this still the case? If so, we should something about the delay. It appears that there is more of a delay in updating the translation statistics for messages on removing a !!FUZZY!! mark than for other newly translated messages.

Lloffiwr11:28, 2 May 2010

Much too much text, and not all is correct, but that's not that important. This text can most definitely not go to the top of the page, and I think users only need to know this once. Ideally this page does not need *any* additional information to get done what needs done. So how about discussing the usability of the page, i.e. what needs to be changed in the primary interface to not require the above?

Siebrand12:36, 2 May 2010

Hm. How about putting the information in the draft above onto the amended Translating:Statistics page, expanding the short explanation about "Special - Language Statistics" that is already there? Then we just add a sentence to the current summary at the top of Special:LanguageStats saying something like "Help on understanding and using this page is on this page." I can convert the present semicolon lists on Translating:Statistics to section headings so that the wikilink works.

Can you correct the draft where I have got the information wrong? And add something about the delay in updating statistics?

By the way, getting things wrong in my draft explanations, after being a translator for 3 years, indicates to me that we do need to expand a lot on the descriptions of tools and help pages here at!

Lloffiwr13:48, 2 May 2010

Is it possible to add a dropdown list to the language code input box, so that language codes and names can be selected, or the language code typed into the input box directly, if known? This would allow visitors to the site to explore the statistics for the language they are interested in without them having to know the language code. Would that be too expensive in computer resources?

What is the maximum length of a tooltip?

Lloffiwr22:29, 3 May 2010
  • dropdown box: possibly. Don't know how, may put it on the feature request list with a low priority. In the sidebar menu, the language code is automagically added for the user language.
  • no limit, I guess. Any issues?
Siebrand23:04, 3 May 2010

Low priority for the dropdown box is fine. If we had a link on the special page to a help paragraph about the page then we wouldn’t need the dropdown box at all. Or if it is possible to add a tooltip saying 'Click on Supported Languages in the menu bar to find a language code' then that would also be fine. The people that this could help are visitors to the site, including potential translators and potential new projects, who may not know how to find out a language code.

Lloffiwr19:06, 14 May 2010
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Last edit: 23:41, 14 May 2010

I'll add a few links on Special:SupportedLanguages.

Siebrand22:08, 14 May 2010

Done Done

Siebrand23:40, 14 May 2010


Lloffiwr13:11, 15 May 2010

Is it possible and efficient to add tooltips to the column headers on the table? Then the information in the above draft would go onto the tooltip. Or we could have shorter explanations in the tooltip, as long as there is a link on the page to a longer explanation somewhere else.

There was an issue with a long tooltip message on Welsh Wikipedia, reported on 15 October 2008. The problem happened using Firefox version and using Linux. Here is a link to a screenshot of the message Tooltip-preview ("Preview your changes. Please use this before publishing.") being truncated.

Lloffiwr19:07, 14 May 2010
  • grumble* Firefox 2.x is *very* outdated.
Siebrand22:07, 14 May 2010

I wouldn't have raised the issue if you hadn't asked. There is now a Welsh version of the latest Firefox version 3.whatever, so I agree that the particular issue above is probably irrelevant. However, the Welsh version of Firefox wasn't always the most up-to-date; the latest Welsh version used to lag quite a way behind the latest English releases, a situation which I assume applied to other languages as well.

Anyway, if we assume that a tooltip can be of any length, then is it possible and efficient to add tooltips to the column headers?

Lloffiwr13:10, 15 May 2010

Yeah, can be done. Please make a proposal for the texts; they cannot contain links or HTML entities. If possible, they shouldn't be centric, but generic.

Siebrand14:07, 15 May 2010

Done already. mwr:66471.

Siebrand14:41, 15 May 2010

Thanks - tips look good. On the tip for 'outdated', we should, I think, add 'or because a translator has marked it outdated' at the end.

Lloffiwr10:39, 16 May 2010

I think that it would be quite useful to have a note about delays in updating statistics, depending on how a message has been translated – on FAQ or some other appropriate help page.

Lloffiwr19:07, 14 May 2010

FAQ is probably best. The only ones suffering from the lag are those that are (almost) complete, and they already know.

Siebrand22:07, 14 May 2010

FAQ it is then. Can someone who knows how the delay comes about put something about it on FAQ?

Lloffiwr11:56, 15 May 2010