Request for Mara Chin language (Mara (Tlosaih)) [[[Portal:Mrh|mrh]]]

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I made the correct page Portal:Mrh and prepared the code for its classification.

Still, I did not enable the language (I cannot do it myself).

(Is it you that posted the message posted there, that I kept at the bottom of the tentative portal (it is signed by User:Teitei, not User:Teitei Para, so you seem to have two user accounts).

Note that it is not absolutely required to have at least a Wikipedia incubator. But it should be useful to request one, so that you can start working with a test wiki and then the supprot on this wiki will be to start translating the Wiki user interface and test it in the Wikipedia incubator. But you can still create an incubator and test it with another UI language (English or any other existing supported language of Myanmar or India, notably in Mizoram which also has languages supported and using the Latin script as well). Try convincing other users in your region to join your efforts for this Wikipedia incubator and test the UI: if you're ready with such group, and you provide to the admins of this wiki a test wiki (Wikipedia incubator, or Omegawiki) where it would be desirable to have an UI), your request will be satisfied more easily.

But translating an UI in a language for which there's no wiki content at all any where to use with this UI is unlikely to succeed. But if you succeed, you'll start creating an UI, that will be tested in Wikipedia incubator or Omegawiki, and later if you pass a good enough translation level (at least the 500 core messages for MediaWiki), you'll get a chance to request the addition of another full wiki (but still you'll be able to continue your work on the test wiki, and to improve the support for amny other languages on this wiki).

In all cases, you need to create some content in the requested language on a test wiki before you can request translating the UI and test it. Don't work alone: this can be easily achived with a small group of people. May be a Wikipedia incubator wiki is not the first goal you'll want, and you may choose an incubator Wikitionnary (which is a very interesting thing to do to support your language, and create and document a stable terminology and orthography), or a test incubator for Wikibooks where you'll want to publish some lexicons, or a test incibator for Wikisource if you want to reproduce old free litterary works from some free corpus of texts in your language (ask your local book libraries if you can reproduce them or ask for religious texts, or ask for public documents produced by your local administration in that language).

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