Request for query in database

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Request for query in database

Hi, can you provide me list of message groups which have less than 10 messages?

Zoranzoki21 (talk)02:36, 8 November 2019

just use the Translation tool (from the sidebar).

  • Select your language.
  • Uncheck the box restricting the list to hide fully translated groups.
  • Press the button to get the list of message groups
  • Then click on the "Expand all" link displayed
  • Click on the column header to sort the expanded list by messages count.
Verdy p (talk)02:57, 8 November 2019

Oh, thank you very much! I forgot about this, but I asked because when I usually do this from step four the page slows down and becomes unresponsive. But by some miracle it works this time. I close this thread, thanks again!

Zoranzoki21 (talk)15:18, 10 November 2019