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Hello, Ata. I did not translate the fabricator, so you asked not to do it as you indicated, and as I claim due to the low level of English proficiency. But I want to note a little bit that I used to translate these projects very actively and «quickly», and now I'm just a little more or less updating or creating new messages, which later appear.

Yes, of course I want only the best, and yes, sometimes I also may not notice some mistakes, and it may seem that I am very short of creating this translation so that there is Ukrainian everywhere, and this is partly true, but… But I I hope that I haven't caused much damage that needs to be read, and that I won't be as active as before. I hope we can find some consensus, because I can always count on your advice, because you have some experience with it.

DDPAT (talk)19:10, 27 October 2021