Request temporary removal of translation right for user:DDPAT

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Thank you, I will take this into account, and I promise that I will definitely get better.

> For instance, today on the Discord server he has asked whether "Масив вибраних таблиць cargo на основі полів, групування за та впорядкування за автоматично заповнюється." would be a good translation for MediaWiki:Apihelp-cargoqueryautocomplete-param-tables/en's Array of selected cargo table(s) based on which Field(s), Group By and Order By are autocompleted.

It's completely different, because I do it on a completely different site.

DDPAT (talk)18:22, 28 October 2021

Fair enough regarding this one, it seems that the translation on TWN is already existing and questionable and wasn't done by you.

Basetalkcontributions23:44, 28 October 2021