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Your expression "this template" is not clear enough because there's no link to it (or to the page using it).

Nobody can answer you or solve any problem you encountered.

Next time post a relevant link: if you don't know which template (or script or CSS stylesheet) generates the problem, post at least a link to the page where it is used and cause problems.

But as this problem seems specific to your browser, please specify also which browser type and version you use, and your language (this may also be a CSS problem, or insufficiently selective CSS selectors in scripts which cause problems only in some pages or in a specific language).

Did you try changing the language using the language selector to see if this causes the same problems (choose a major language such as English which is more tested). Also try clearing your browser cache (or press CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+SHIFT+F5 in order to refresh not just the page itself, but also all its linked or dependant scripts, stylesheets and images that start being loaded in parallel before the pageload completes).

Verdy p (talk)00:43, 4 April 2016