Temporary freeze during maintenance

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Temporary freeze during maintenance

While Siebrand and I are working on intuition issue #10 (conversion to JSON), no daily updates are exported to the deployed Tool Labs installation. This should be resolved shortly.

Krinkle (talk)10:16, 5 April 2015

Things now moving, with Nikerabbit's https://github.com/Krinkle/intuition/commit/83b5336d832c

Nemo (talk)18:40, 14 April 2015

I don't know which things are moving. Some are not. See talk at somewhere else.

Pxos (talk)15:35, 19 April 2015

translatewiki.net updates were re-enabled on 9 May 2015.

Krinkle (talk)13:48, 2 June 2015