Updating the Chechen Wikipedia for new message from translatewiki.net

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Updating the Chechen Wikipedia for new message from translatewiki.net

I have added your name to the list of translators of Chechen on the Portal:Ce. You will also be listed on the Special:SupportedLanguages list.

I have noticed that you have made a lot of translations of messages here on translatewiki.net, which is great. These have been exported to the Chechen Wikipedia and are the messages shown in yellow. They are called the 'default' messages. However, some message have already been translated on the Chechen Wikipedia. They are shown in blue underneath the default message. If there is a localised, blue, message, then this is the message which appears on the Chechen Wikipedia, not the default, yellow, message. See the example Block on translatewiki.net and on the Chechen Wikipedia.

If you want the default translatewiki.net message to appear, you need to delete the localised message on Chechen Wikipedia. This you can do if you are an administrator on the Chechen Wikipedia. But some customised messages you do want to keep on the Chechen Wikipedia, for example the message common.css. So what I do is that from time to time I review the list of messages on my home wiki and I delete the messages on my home wiki that are either the same as the ones on translatewiki.net or the ones where I want the translatewiki.net version to appear. This is also explained on FAQ.

I hope this is of help. If you should have any questions on how to work on translatewiki.net you are welcome to ask me on my talk page. I don't know very much about the technical side of translatewiki.net but I have been a translator here for a long time.

Lloffiwr (talk)22:31, 28 May 2013