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Hello Siebrand and VegaDark,
I'm sorry for my late reply.
1- In relation to the use of "Tú-Usted": I had read there is no a preferred form (Portal_talk:Es#Tuteo).
When VegaDark said me that "usted" is not adequate, I only translate "you" as "tú-vosotros".
2- In relation to the translation of URL addresses: I thought they must no be translated or localized. VegaDark informed me that Wikia-Spanish has its own structure and URL's in it must redirect to Spanish corresponding pages.
I apologize for not responding before to Vegadark, but I tried follow its indications. I didn't ignore him, not at all.
3- When I started to work in Translatewiki (20-jan-2012), there was thousand of messages pending of translation into Spanish. I remember that there was no editions for the 30 days before. In fact, it was the reason for my participation, even though my English level is not advanced. 4- So, if my contribution to TW is a problem to other translators or the project, I finish it. I think it was not necessary write about it in Portal_talk:Es#Traducciones automáticas; a simple message in my talk page is enough to me.
Sorry for the inconveniences. Feel free to modify or directly delete my translations.
Best wishes. Armando-Martin (talk) 19:53, 28 December 2012 (UTC)

Armando-Martin (talk)19:53, 28 December 2012