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If the device language is set to Bahasa Indonesia the app should default to Indonesian Wikipedia, but if you need to manually override the language in the app (or have the device running in another language) you can do so:

  1. Tap "W" to open menu
  2. Tap "..." to open more settings
  3. Select "Search <language> Wikipedia" to change search language and pick "Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian"

Still thinking about ways to make this easier, maybe make a switcher option findable on the toolbar or in the search... :)

brion (talk)09:39, 5 August 2014

Hi Brion, I mean is the language of the interface is not Wikipedia language. How can I make the interface language in Wikipedia app matches the language on my mobile device. Please help me. Sorry to bother you. Regards.

Sorry for my bad English.

Arifin.wijaya (talk)14:51, 6 August 2014

Currently you would have to change the phone's user interface language to the one you want:

  • home button
  • Settings app
  • 'General'
  • 'International'
  • 'Language'
  • select language, eg Bahasa Indonesia

However a) this will only work for languages supported by Apple, and b) it will change the UI language for the entire system and other apps as well.

brion (talk)15:21, 6 August 2014