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The change that you made has lead to the loss of my use of the filter on Special:Translate [1]. I would have preferred some other way of resolving any issue with the changes I made. For example, you haven't really explained why there is even an issue. I sit here this fine Sunday evening contemplating upon what other project I will spend my spare time on.

Sborsody02:31, 26 July 2010

Thanks for your answer. I appreciate your review very well. The issue with your kind of deletions is that they do no work due to technical restrictions with our serverside workflow of import and export. Your kind of deletions can be overwritten with the old translations by automatic synchronisations every time.

If you want to delete totally wrong translations please ask at Support with the message names. I have to handle it manually. If they are outdated but not totally wrong the FUZZY is enough.

Raymond06:41, 26 July 2010

Thanks for clarifying. I'll be away on vacation so please don't interpret my inactivity as a reaction to this.

Sborsody03:58, 28 July 2010