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FUDforum (homepage) is an open source discussion forum with full i18n support. It can be used as a stand-alone message board or to archive USENET newsgroups and mailing lists, as well as allow forum members to post messages back to newsgroups and mailing lists via the forum. The code is released under the GPL license.

Translation notes

User Frank coordinates the localization of FUDforum. A separate forum is available for translators. This forum can be used for questions, discussions and updates on release schedules.

All FUDforum messages support the PLURAL magic word. For example, {PLURAL: age|$1 year|$1 years} old.

Besides the messages on this site, FUDforum's help pages and buttons can also be localized. Please contact us on the support forum if you can help us to complete your language.


  • trunk (Languages with translation percentage above 35% are committed to version control)


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