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This page is updated daily with a script. Please do not manually update these statistics!

Note: These statistics can be generated by running: [ source ]
php groupStatistics.php --skipzero --groups="core-0-mostused,core,ext-0-wikimedia,ext-0-all,ext-flaggedrevs-0-all" --skiplanguages="test, qqq, als, be-x-old, ckb, crh, de-at, de-ch, de-formal, dk, en-gb, fiu-vro, gan, got, hif, kk, kk-cn, iu, kk-kz, kk-tr, ko-kp, ku, ku-arab, nb, ruq, simple, sr, tg, tp, tt, ug, zh, zh-classical, zh-cn, zh-sg, zh-hk, zh-min-nan, zh-mo, zh-my, zh-tw, zh-yue"

Please note that statistics are not displayed for languages without any translation found in message groups for MediaWiki. The reported statistics also do not take into any account message group for projects other than those for MediaWiki.

Translation statistics of message groups by language

This site is currently running on MediaWiki version 1.39.0-alpha.

Language name Most often used messages MediaWiki messages Main extensions Extensions used by Wikimedia All extensions Installer
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The documentation of this template is included from the Translating:Group statistics/Header10/documentation page. [Edit]