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Note: These statistics can be generated by running php groupStatistics.php --skipzero --groups=core-0-mostused,core,ext-0-wikimedia,ext-0-all,ext-flaggedrevs-0-all --skiplanguages="test, qqq, als, be-x-old, ckb, crh, de-at, de-ch, de-formal, dk, en-gb, fiu-vro, gan, got, hif, kk, kk-cn, iu, kk-kz, kk-tr, ko-kp, ku, ku-arab, nb, ruq, simple, sr, tg, tp, tt, ug, zh, zh-classical, zh-cn, zh-sg, zh-hk, zh-min-nan, zh-mo, zh-my, zh-tw, zh-yue".

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Please note that statistics for languages without translations are not displayed.

Group statistics

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