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Video2commons (tool, source) is an open source tool to transfer video and audio from external sites to Commons (released under the GPL v3 or later).

It is possible to translate video2commons on User Zhuyifei1999 coordinates the localization of video2commons.

Translation notes

Translations are escaped by Jinja2 in Python, jQuery or Mustache in JavaScript. Fallback is enabled by extracting MediaWiki's fallback list. RTL languages are supported.


Some messages include {{#a}} and {{/a}}. This is the only supported advanced markup (besides plain text) for creating links. Syntax are:

  1. {{#a}}{{/a}}<a></a>
  2. {{#a}}Abc{{/a}}<a>Abc</a>
  3. {{#a}}#ef{{/a}}<a id="ef"></a>
  4. {{#a}}#ef|Abc{{/a}}<a id="ef">Abc</a>

"#ef|" is the link id and should not be changed. The link target is not arbitrary as it is set by jQuery.



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