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Wikia (homepage) is a free ad-based wiki hosting service that enables people to find and collaborate with people who love what you love. It uses MediaWiki and a bunch of self developed MediaWiki extensions (released under GPL)[1]. Wikia was founded in late 2004 by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley. It currently hosts 150,000+ wikis with more than 3 million content pages and has 30+ million visitors per month which makes it a top 100 web property.

At over 100 original Wikia extensions can be translated, as well as the at least 24 extensions Wikia uses from the MediaWiki source code repository.

Translators may add "Wikia" to their babel box or include {{User Wikia}} to add themselves to Category:Wikia translators.

Translation flow

A commit policy for Wikia extensions has not yet been decided upon. Wikia contacts for staff are Tim 'Avatar' Bartel and Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski. Wikia has private issue trackers.

In practice, as at February 2010, messages are committed by about once a week. Wikia makes weekly releases.

Translation notes

  • Branding: Wikia callls a wiki "wikia".[2]
  • Wikia has a glossary in its help section, which is based on the Wikipedia glossary.
  • The Wikia website has some screenshots of the user interface in the category Screenshots of Wikia.



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