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About StatusNet:464fb0d03c268220944251ba01d0677c36378df8-Could not create anonymous OAu/en112:16, 15 October 2012
About StatusNet:434307f7c9ee4b66ffae340494d9177cde6025ce-Site name must have non-zero l/en112:14, 15 October 2012
About StatusNet:1de0a02877a32903017ad0ae5257b40b4e23a7ae-The uploaded file exceeds the/en112:13, 15 October 2012
About StatusNet:Extendedprofile-b31fc969b4889fb445fa3e7d99b845aa2f0d3497-Bio/en112:00, 15 October 2012
About StatusNet:Openid-b6dad858120db609caa61a7a6f7ea26f87091fcf-OpenID preferences saved./en318:58, 3 August 2012
About StatusNet:Bc5613b749f8778837e707dec2fe5e7f5be3b017-You/en216:15, 14 July 2012
About StatusNet:8266fb39002cf2b0127c6f97d6ed8d48d5b11257-Block this user so that they c/de221:12, 13 June 2012
About StatusNet:Geourl-e7239e0bd5ffcd5560c8bf6f4c8ffcf27cd64930-Ping a href="http "/fi016:44, 3 March 2012
About StatusNet:B26e69c301e25e30dc35a357ebfe0925423185ea-PLURAL GETTEXT s and d others/fr410:13, 2 March 2012
About StatusNet:Groupprivatemessage-4abb2715e394c576570d690f480238f129586eb1-Forced notice to private group/en018:15, 19 January 2012
StatusNet:3711a9ef08c6d7bdf381ba25c797447432145281-PLURAL GETTEXT No file may be/en111:45, 28 December 2011
StatusNet:8b630e4b991fc4b694371511ee38dfc0d6a2d112-You already have 1$d or more p/en111:35, 28 December 2011
statusnet-i18n mailing list108:45, 8 December 2011
Salmon212:45, 2 December 2011
About StatusNet:Yammerimport-9b612078f70d5acd6c8960feb31391340fcfbe57-This Yammer import tool is sti/en215:06, 1 December 2011
StatusNet:0326b7077c453bc83aa6dd64b0ce4343526924ba-** s** has an account on site./en has trailing whitespace112:42, 29 October 2011
StatusNet:957834c3e3fea8bd95d8569c70aa8b2b1dadcad1-** s** is a user group on site/en313:08, 10 October 2011
About StatusNet:67bcc378eddf50ac4219767f203b814aa24f31d5-1$s has joined your group 2$s/ar122:11, 25 September 2011
About StatusNet:Ostatus-982963c1c41cbed8cab073724749592fe35c532b-Tag/en118:33, 20 August 2011
About StatusNet:9f0cf61ff9839bd186bdb023d62c0468a0f82f53-Repeat this notice./en413:15, 18 August 2011
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Message docs and message source does not match. Docs say that the error is permanent, while message source indicates it is a temporary error.

Nike (talk)17:06, 23 September 2012

Fixed in source. Should be updated soonish.

Siebrand12:16, 15 October 2012

Very technical. Can't it be just "The site must have a name"?

Nike (talk)17:25, 23 September 2012

Fixed in source. Should be updated soonish.

Siebrand12:14, 15 October 2012

Docs say this is a client error, but in that case why doesn't it just say "The file is too big"?

Nike (talk)17:27, 23 September 2012

Fixed in source. Should be updated soonish.

Siebrand12:13, 15 October 2012

More docs needed what does Bio mean in this context.

Nike (talk)17:29, 23 September 2012

Fixed in source. Should be updated soonish.

Siebrand12:00, 15 October 2012

The source update was accidentally done on the translation. Edit: Hmm ... no, the !!FUZZY!! was interpreted as a translation.

[[kgh]] (talk)17:11, 2 August 2012

Not sure what you mean.

Siebrand08:44, 3 August 2012

The message was fuzzied. Instead of appearing on translate it already appeard on proofread.

[[kgh]] (talk)13:19, 3 August 2012

It was imported as a fuzzied message, probably because it was added by gettext tools automatically.

Siebrand18:55, 3 August 2012

to what refers this 'you'? to 'you and somebody like this?'

then german translation would be 'Dir' ... 'gefällt das', instead of 'Du und jemandem gefällt das'.

March (talk)20:53, 18 June 2012

See message documentation: Reference to the logged in user in favourite list.

Siebrand00:44, 19 June 2012

okay, thank you. changed it to 'Dir'.

March (talk)22:10, 3 July 2012

What is "it"?

PtM (talk)01:06, 13 June 2012

"it" is a group the user will be blocked from by clicking the button.

Siebrand12:53, 13 June 2012


PtM (talk)21:12, 13 June 2012

The description says that "#. TRANS: Plural is decided on the total number of users liking the notice (count of %%s + %d)."

In fact this would be useful only for deciding the plural form of the verb, but wrong for deciding how to generate the correct singular or plural form of "other/others" which is NOT the total number of users, but only %d (which may be only 1. When this extra number is zero, another resource is used, without "and %d other(s)".

As Gettext cannot take several numbers to generate plurals, it would be more convenient to simply separate the expression "%%s and %d other(s)", to be generated first (using total minus 4, when the total is larger than 4), before inserting the generated string into "%%s liked this", which will take the singular or plural form of the verb according to the total number of users.

Verdy p (talk)20:48, 1 March 2012

Please read the help. It's clear. The code is also correct.

Siebrand23:26, 1 March 2012

No ! It is INCORRECT, because the generated plurals are just for conjugating the verb.

Here it is ALWAYS plural in French because the verb is conjugated according to the total, but the term "autre" takes the singular or plural. This is equally true in English. E.g. in English : "Peter, Paul, Jack, John and 1 others liked this". 5 people total, but only 1 "other"; the verb is always conjugated as with the plural "they". "Peter, Paul, Jack, John and 10 others liked this". 14 people total, but 10 "others"; the verb is always conjugated as with the plural "they", "others" is now correct.

Please reconsider my message, the description does not solve the problem for "other/others" and the plural is needlessly tested on the verb which will always be conjugated with the plural (in most languages, except Slavic languages that have complex rules for plurals ignoring the hundreds and with several other forms using a genitive for some units) as there are always at least 5 people concerned in the subject.

Verdy p (talk)23:54, 1 March 2012

Note also that the effective code passes the number ($count - 3), not ($count) to gettext, so the plural form will be selected by Gettext according to the wrong number. This will fail for all Slavic forms (for which you must pass up to 4 distinct forms to gettext).

If the code was supposed to pass the number of "other(s)", it should be ($count-4), not ($count-3). And you would have no hint to correctly conjugate the verb !

In other words, the message is buggy, but the code too ! The only "safe" translation is to assume the plural everywhere, without even using the plural template syntax in the message.

Note that for Slavic languages (Russian, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian...), Gettext will be used like this with the template syntax shown: dual See the declaration of plural conditions at the beginning of .pot files for those languages, which determines the number of forms taken for number forms (usually you don't need to provide it, already knows that and generate the line for you for each supported language)

Verdy p (talk)00:07, 2 March 2012

You're using too much text. Please go file a bug report and walls of text somewhere else.

Siebrand00:24, 2 March 2012

Can you propose a different wording? Or clarify more the context? I'm not sure about my translation. Thanks!

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 18:14, 19 January 2012

PLURAL should be applied for both parameters separately. Or message should be broken on two/tree if StatusNet could not support this.

EugeneZelenko (talk)15:16, 14 December 2011

Fixed Fixed in code. Still is ugly, though... You'll see :).

Siebrand11:45, 28 December 2011

Space between sentences is missing. Will be good idea to check other messages for similar problem.

EugeneZelenko (talk)16:02, 26 December 2011

Fixed. Fixed. Fixed in code, should be updated soonish. Thanks for spotting that!

Siebrand11:35, 28 December 2011

statusnet-i18n mailing list

Where is the statusnet-i18n mailing list? the link is broken here...

Erchache2000 (talk)19:16, 7 December 2011

I've asked on the statusnet IRC channel. Will let you know if there is a reply. You can also use the StatusNet bug tracker at

Siebrand08:45, 8 December 2011

What do these messages mean when they refer to "salmon"?

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 19:38, 1 December 2011

The Salmon Protocol is an open, simple, standards-based solution that lets aggregators and sources unify the conversations. In OStatus, Salmon is used as the messaging transport for comments, replies, and notifications between users[1].

Siebrand20:51, 1 December 2011

OK, I have translated "Salmon" as "Salmon protocol" in Galician messages to improve understanding. Thanks!

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 12:45, 2 December 2011

...on the Yammer side or ...on the Yammer site? Is that a typo?

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 15:40, 30 November 2011

Not a typo. Means "in Yammer" or "on the side of Yammer".

Siebrand14:59, 1 December 2011

Thanks, I wasn't sure about that.

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 15:06, 1 December 2011

This message contains trailing white space (see backslash at the end). Will be good idea to check all StatusNet messages for similar issue, since it's second one I found.

EugeneZelenko (talk)14:03, 21 October 2011

Done Done Fixed in code. Will be active after next update (found two more).

Siebrand12:42, 29 October 2011

Is trailing backslash intentional or jut mistake?

EugeneZelenko14:02, 7 October 2011

There is probably trailing whitespace in the source

Nike18:35, 7 October 2011


Siebrand12:25, 10 October 2011

Removed from source code. Updated after next export/import.

Siebrand13:08, 10 October 2011

Email subjects shouldn't have a full stop.

OsamaK19:43, 25 September 2011

Fixed in code. Will be updated after next update.

Siebrand22:11, 25 September 2011

Other button titles do not end in dots. I don't really know whether titles should or shouldn't end in dots, but please either remove the dot from this message or add ones to the others. See also:

OsamaK14:59, 17 August 2011

All sentence like button titles should end with a period, and most do. Not high priority to change, I'll take care of it someday. Thanks for the report.

Siebrand15:13, 17 August 2011

Would it help if I committed the change so you can pull to the upstream?

OsamaK15:17, 17 August 2011

Possibly. I haven't done that yet, but I'll try if you do... Bare with me, please :).

Siebrand17:03, 17 August 2011

I've made a few code changes (more than you have highlighted above). It's probably not yet fully consistent, but at least more consistent now :).

Siebrand13:15, 18 August 2011
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