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Support for this project has been discontinued because the project is no longer being developed (and was merged to GNU social in 2013.)

StatusNet logo
StatusNet logo

StatusNet (homepage) is an open source microblogging server with full i18n support. While offering functionality similar to Twitter, StatusNet seeks to provide the potential for open, inter-service and distributed communications between microblogging communities. Enterprises and individuals can install and control their own services and data. The code is released under the Affero GPLv3+ license.

Siebrand coordinated the localisation update commits of StatusNet.

Plural support

StatusNet uses Gettext plural support.

Terminology notes

Some notes on local terms and jargon in StatusNet are available on translatewiki.net to aid translators. Documentation and help pages are being drafted (as at June 2010) on StatusNet.


Translator map

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Add yourself to map See also: Category:StatusNet translators — all users that registered their participation in their user page (including those not indicating their location).