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Notes on some specialized terms...

Generally 'notice' should be used for status updates that are sent into the public stream. Terms such as "tweet" or "dent" are service-specific and should usually be avoided in the software.
In contrast to a 'notice', a 'message' is a private communication between two people. Direct messages do not appear in public notice streams.
(to block; blocking a user; Bob is / has been blocked)
Action available to all... When you block someone, they are unsubscribed from you, and you will no longer see any @-replies from them [1]
Reverse action of blocking.
(to silence; silencing a user; Bob is / has been silenced)
Administrative action used against abusive accounts. When you silence someone, they are no longer able to post.
Reverse action of silencing.
(to sandbox; sandboxing a user; Bob is / has been sandboxed)
Administrative action used against abusive accounts. Someone who is sandboxed can post, but their posts will not appear on the public timeline.
Reverse action of sandboxing.
Welcome to %$1, @%$2!
Some people have translated this like "message to <person> on <site>". It's meant as a welcome, coming from a welcome account. Also, the "@" makes the username a link, so other people can click through to see the welcome. It also makes sure the message is "directed" to the new user.