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This page is a translated version of the page User:Amire80/глоссарий-standby and the translation is 11% complete.

Some terms that were removed from Translating:MediaWiki/Basic glossary as out of scope, but may be useful in a wider glossary:


Application programming interface, a technology that allows making actions from programs, such as bots. This is a technical term, and may be left untranslated.


bureaucrat: bureaucrat   
A user that has more permissions than an administrator. Most often, this includes the right to appoint administrators.


core: core  
Short for "core MediaWiki". The platform that allows the most basic functions of a wiki site: displaying wiki pages, wikitext editing, categories, templates, viewing page history and diffs, storing files, managing user accounts, and several other things. Other functions are provided by extensions.


extension: extension   
A piece of software written in PHP that adds functions to the core MediaWiki software.
expression: expression   
A short part of the code of a module or a parser function.


Lua: Lua    
A programming language. In MediaWiki, it's used for writing modules.


operand: operand   
The object of an expression. In the expression "2 + 5", the operands are "2" and "5".
operator: operator   
A symbol in an expression that tells which operation to perform. In the expression "2 + 5", the operator is "+".

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