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  • user account in shell
  • user account in twn
  • staff group
  • gadget - rights recommended
  • also gadgets block and rename-user
  • reply templates: {{Rights}}, {{Mail}}
  • Support:
    • questions about message wording and documentation
      • MediaWiki - usually easy to fix
      • Other projects - need commit access
  • Updating sources:
  • Openstreetmap

Tutorial for YAML files:


See also the main documentation at Repository management

Importing from the source repo

  • bupdate # updates everything, incl. extensions etc.
  • repo update mediawiki # only MediaWiki code. no need to sudo / b.
  • cd /www/w/extensions/Translate/scripts
  • php sync-group.php --lang=en,qqq --group=core # Run this only on core!
    • in case of conflicts: Skip accepts the Wiki translation.
  • php sync-group.php --lang=en --group=ext-translate-pagetranslation # Run this only on core!
    • shortcut:

sync-extmaintained ext-translate-pagetranslation

Exporting from TWN to the source repo

Source repos are listed in /resources/USERNAME/REPOCONF.

  • ssh-agent

(copy and run environment variables lines)

  • ssh-add /home/betawiki/id_rsa

(enter the secret passphrase)

Create private repo (ONLY ONCE!)

  • repocreate mediawiki

Update private repo (every time!)

  • repoupdate mediawiki

Export from TWN database to my private repo:

  • repoexport mediawiki

Export from my private repo to the central repo:

  • repocommit mediawiki

Note, repo commands with and without space:

  • repo update foo # updates /resources/projects
  • repoupdate foo # updates stuff where you are currently in

Alternative to only update one extension because you need to test:

If messages were changed, rebuild the localisation caches:

$ b php /www/w/maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php --threads=12

  • update sources - in /home/betawiki/bin
  • process changes - Special:ManageMessageGroups
  • update message index if needed - createmi
  • export / bxa [productshortcut|groupname] (bxa = betawiki export all)
    - bxa osm will export all OpenStreetMap related groups.
  • download to the machine you commit from.
    Make an alias: alias mtgz='cd $HOME/export; tar -pczf $HOME/x.tgz .; cd -' # It's so much quicker :)
  • Update your local sources (!!!)
  • Unpack on the machine you commit from.
  • commit from your local machine.
  • push if needed (git)
  • (like 1) re-import committed translations (update-xxxx on translatewiki shell)
  • (like 2) Special:ManageMessageGroups