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smj-N This user has a native understanding of julevsámegiella.
nb-N Denne brukeren behersker norsk bokmålmorsmålsnivå.
nn-5 Denne brukaren meistrar nynorsk på eit profesjonelt nivå.
en-5 This user has professional knowledge of English.
se-3 Dát geavaheaddji máhttá davvisámegiela hui bures
de-3 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf hohem Niveau.
ja-2 この利用者は中級日本語ができます。
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I am hoping to be able to translate the Wikipedia interface into Lule Saami. This is kind of important to me, because we need a good Lule Saami encyclopedia, and it seems that Wikipedia is the easiest way to get this done and make it public fast.

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