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Hello! I'm "Narratorq", also known as "Zluhcs" at Wikia. I can most often be found at the Rage Wiki and at the Elder Scrolls Wiki. (Click the links to get to my profile :) )

I am from Germany, but I'm living in Norway. I can also speak German, but it is not a language I'd like to work with here.

I hope to be working primarily with the Norwegian language. I have translated documents from English to Norwegian (and vice versa) before, so I consider myself to be quite experienced in translating texts. :)

I am currently very new to this wiki-format, so I hope I won't be doing any mistakes as I am currently "only" familiar with the format used on Wikia wikis. I will of course become better and learn how this format works (which actually seems pretty similar to the Wikia)

Languages I'll be working with

  • Norwegian
  • English