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pt-BR-N Este usuário tem como língua materna o dialeto brasileiro da língua portuguesa.
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Welcome to p4ss0's user page!!

My name is Luiz Felipe, I'm Brazilian and I've been working as an English teacher since 2007 when my interest for the English language started a daily process of tremendous growth, as well for others languages in general. I intend to study many other languages as I can and to share all my knowledge with the ones who decided to take the same path.

Languages I speak:

  • English - Fluent
  • Portuguese - Native
  • Spanish - Begginer

Please do not hesitate in contating me ;)

You can find me here:

--P4ss0 03:57, 29 January 2010 (UTC)--P4ss0 03:55, 29 January 2010 (UTC)