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Check List for okawix

  • Open source license
  • Active development
  • Periodic releases OR in case of web applications and similar, periodic updates of new translations
about six months
  • Version control system for pushing translations and pulling definitions is highly suggested
  • Contact person(s) in as a bridge for communication
  • A way to push and pull from vcs (usually manually by a person)
Give me your sourceforge account, we will add it to the project
  • No blockers in i18n support
    • ought to have variables (no lego sentences)
    • support for multiple plurals is highly recommended
what do you mean ?
See mw:Internationalisation#Parameter_substitution. I haven't yet checked the interface messages on if there is an immediate need. However, if numbers are used in messages (for example the number of search results, a need for it is almost unavoidable). No deal-breaker, though, but we are also in the business of awareness, and hope that i18n in all software products will be perfect one day :)
    • must be able to read UTF-8 translation (or lossless conversion of it) in BMP (Basic multilingual plane in Unicode)
    • support for Right-to-Left text direction languages

Excellecent overview, and I think this product well qualifies. Guillaume has written a parser for DTD, I understand, which is something I am extremely pleased about. I'll wait until Niklas returns, and talk implementation details with him. We know how to add products, so I think we've had the worst already. I'll be in Argentinia next week for Wikimania, so I am uncertain what kind of activity level I will have after the weekend. From the above and the current status, I am confident however, that support for okawix localisation on will be active within two weeks. Yay!