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wo-N Bii jëfandikukat dégg na wolof ndakh dafa ci juddu.
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Welcome to my user page.

I am very new to this project but have worked at English, French, Wolof and German editions of Wikipedia for many years as an editor/contributor.

I retired from Wikipedia few years ago until a lovely editor who appreciated my work dug me out of retirement by sending me a rather touching email asking me to come back. So here I am, back to the Wiki-maze, which ultimately led me here.

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Cangins languages

I am currently working on Seereer [srr] for Wikipedia, which I am trying to get from Incubator to its own namespace. That project, along with this one (translatewiki) are totally new to me as I've never worked on either before until recently. They are totally different from Wikipedia – a project I've worked on for years. I am therefore bound to make mistakes, and I'm sure it will take a long time to get accustomed to all your policies and procedures. I am however willing to learn and would welcome any guidance/support from experienced users here.

After I've finished with the Seereer Wikipedia project, my next challenge is to tackle the Cangin languages – namely: Saafi-Saafi [sav], Ndut [ndv], Laalaa [cae], Sili-Sili [fap] (that's the name for their language if you must know, also known as Paloor) and Noon [snf]. Wish me luck!

I am however grateful to members of the Seereer community who have answered my calling and are helping me at the Seereer Wikipedia project. This is not a one man show but a collaborative effort by a small, but passionate team of editors.

Another goal of mine is to try and explain to them the value of and get them here so that they can assist. If you can speak Seereer, please jump on the Seereer gravy train and come and help us at Seereer Incubator [srr]. Read this page too. It might help. It is a work in progress but we all have to start somewhere.

On a side note, my Wolof [wo] is a Gambian Wolof, which slightly differs from the Senegalese Wolof. We can understand each other though. Seriously! I've spent more time in Gambia than in Senegal hence the Gambian influence.

Stay tuned for part 2. The Cangins are coming.